Senior Promotion 2023 - The Teaching Service Commission has begun the 2 of 2023 promotions of Senior Teaching Positions for Non-Board Schools. Click on Appointments Link to view the Preliminary Appointment List of 2024..

The Teaching Service Commission under the constitution of Guyana has a mandate to appoint, exercise disciplinary actions and remove teachers of non-board schools. The Commission consists of two bodies: The Commission and the Secretariat. For more information click here to view the constitutional powers of the Teaching Service Commission.

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The Teaching Service Commission was established under the Teaching Service Commission Act No.1 of 1975 dated February 07, 1975. However, . . . Read more
The responsibility of the Teaching Service Commission is to appoint persons as Teachers in the Teaching Service (Non- Board Schools) and to remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such office, and also to ensure that no claims of partiality of any nature can be justifiably be made against it. View draft rules here.
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